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Whether you need a Website, Windows Desktop app, Windows Service or SQL Server Database application, we can work with you to create what you need.

Please browse through the small sample of projects below that we have developed for clients. If you see something you like or may work for your needs, contact us about it. We will be happy to talk with you in detail about them.

Please excuse the required pixelation on the images. We value the privacy of our clients and their customers.

Custom Desktop Applications

(Compliance view of the data)

BATFE BoundBooks App

This is one of the more complex multi-user applications we have done. The BoundBooks application managed all aspects of a NFA Item from being created, acquired, disposed or destroyed. It creates ATF Forms 2 & 3, creates destruction letters and stored all the historical documents (including scanned PDF) in it's "cradle to grave" system.

The application also manages the physical inventory and monthly inventory validations were performed by a wireless Windows 10 based tablets and scanners. It also manages the complete repair cycle of serialized (NFA or not) and non-serialized items such a barrels shipped in for threading.

Technologies used: WinForms, .Net 4.6.2 (C# & VB), Microsoft SQL Server

RepairBooks App

The RepairBooks app is a slimmed down version of the BoundBooks App. The client had an existing app to manage their bound books but wanted an app to help track and manage the time and material spent on repairs. So we branched the BoundBooks app, slimmed it down and made it fit their needs.

(RepairBooks - Shop Repair View)

Technologies used: WinForms, .Net 4.6.2 (C# & VB), Microsoft SQL Server

(Label Maker App - Print Preview)

Label Maker App

This was built for the same client that the BoundBooks was created for. They needed a way to create serial numbers and UPC number labels to place on generic boxes. Both needed to have a human readable number as well as being read by a scanner. They only wanted to make the amount of labels needed for the for the current batch and to start printing on a select row and column.

Label templates can be added, edited or deleted as needed to fit the label sheets and text/barcode layout needed. The handy preview screen shows what to expect before printing.

Technologies used: WPF, .Net 4.6.2 (C# & VB), Microsoft SQL Server

Website Development

There are many "box" websites you can acquire such a Magento, WordPress, Drupal, and many others. We specialize in developing custom websites that fit specific needs. Most of these websites are "extra-net" sites that provide a service for a distributed employee/partner base.

Document Repository

A client referral brought us an interesting scenario. They have a lot of documents (PDF, Word, Excel, MP4, etc) that they are sharing with with their internal staff as well as with external partners all over the USA. Managing all of those forms was bad enough but as they needed updating, there was no reliable way to get all the updates to the hundreds of people who needed them.

They tried email and using DropBox but those had their own set of challenges. As we continued to gather their requirements, it became clear that better form control, form distribution, form search and easy administration was needed. After a few additional requirements meetings and some thought, we proposed an extra-net with a custom built Document Repository was the best solution for them.

The Document Repository has to be easy to add/change/delete files, have an access control feature to restrict access for sensitive data, ability to search for forms and have ease of use. All was achieved through the Document Repository.

(Document Repository home page)

Technologies used: ASP.NET Core 2.0 MVC (C#), Bootstrap, JQuery, Microsoft Azure Database and hosting

SQL Server Development

The core data storage we use is an SQL Server, whether it is in the Azure cloud or on premise, we work with both. For smaller projects, and depending on the clients' needs, we can use an Open Source NoSQL database too.

Optimizing SQL Server queries, tables and stored procedures is a must to keep your database performing at the optimum level. In a dynamic data application or Website the response time can be limited by poorly designed tables, queries or store procedures.

Lastly, we have seen many times over that "the home for data" can be lost, in other words, there can be multiple copies of the same data can be found is different location and even modified in those location.

Data Warehouse from QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a great Book Keeping application for small companies, but it uses a proprietary database without the an easy way to access the data for customer reporting. Yes, QuickBooks provides reports, but it won't do automated reporting that delivers specific sales data to you every morning.

One of our clients came to us with this need. They wanted to automated sales, open sales orders and unpaid invoice reports delivered to their sales team each morning along with weekly and monthly sales reports.

(SQL Server with QuickBooks data)

Technologies used: WPF, .NET 4.6.2 (C#), QuickBooks Desktop SDK 13, Microsoft SQL Server

Bridge-The-Gap Apps

Through our years of working with all sizes of business, we have found that a lot of businesses need "bridge-the-gap" applications to automate data processing between two different systems. Listed below are a couple of bridge-the-gap apps we have done for clients.

We love those projects too!

Magento 2.x Web Orders to SAP

One of our large clients needed a way to pull orders out of their Magento 2.x website and into a format that SAP could import for order processing. The application needed to run on a schedule, deliver the orders to a directory so they can be SFTP'ed into the SAP import directory.

The application also needed to track when orders have already been downloaded and if the order had been sent to SAP. The app also needed to perform in a "manual operation" as well as connect to multiple production websites and to multiple staging environments for testing new order processing rules.

(Magento 2.x order download App)

Technologies used: WPF, .NET 4.6.2 (C#), Microsoft SQL Server, LiteDB NoSQL Database (for complex configuration settings)

(SAP Inventory level to Magento 2.x App)

SAP Inventory to Magento 2.x

The same client also needed a way to update the inventory from their SAP ERP system. They were able to provide a CSV file with the SKU & quantity to an SFTP location and we took it from there.

The application monitors a directory for a new inventory file. When one is dropped in the directory, the application will start processing the inventory updates. The application compares the last known value with the new value and if there is a difference, the application updates the website quantity via the supplied API.

Technologies used: Console, .NET 4.6.2 (C#), LiteDB NoSQL Database