Workstation Support

Need Someone to Support your Windows PCs or Laptops?

We can help!

We have your computer support needs covered! We can trouble shoot hardware and software issues, upgrade or add hardware and/or software or just do a tuneup.

We can help home office and individual business owners with every aspect of their computer hardware and software. We can provide advice on hardware and software purchase decisions all the way through to installation and setup.

We can upgrade your existing computer with more memory, replace your old spindle hard drive with a new Solid State Drive or migrate older computers to new hardware.

Computer Support

If you are having trouble with your Windows operating system, let us help! Sometimes Windows just does not want to run smoothly. We have found that there is always a root cause and once we identify the root cause, we fix it.

We support a wide range of office based software. We have also worked with specialized software vendors to troubleshooting issues with their proprietary software and/or hardware in the production environment.

Custom Built PC Support

Did "someone" build you a PC and now it is not working any more? Is the person impossible to find not or doesn't want to be found? Call Us!

We will be happy to diagnose the PC, let you know what the problem is and outline the repair process also giving you any risk of data loss.

"Please Make My PC Faster"

We hear this a lot and is it typically easy to do. If your computer is under 3 years old and has been reliable, chances are it is a simple and relatively inexpensive process.

Installing more Memory

Memory upgrade will help the newer applications run faster, but if you have a 32 bit operating system, 4gb of memory is all that it will use, no matter if the hardware will support more or not.

Install a Solid State Drive

Replacing a typical spindle hard disk drive (HDD) with a solid state drive (SSD) will dramatically speed up your PC. Why? typical computer hard drives turn at 7200 RPM and laptop drives turn at 5400 RPM resulting in faster data reads and writes. A solid state drive is up to 40% faster then hard disk drive and they use about 50% less power.

When replacing a HDD with a SSD, it is critical to ensure the all the data is transferred over to the new SSD. We have performed the HDD to SSD many, many times and so far we have not lost any data. What's our secret? Well, if we told you it would no longer be our secret!

Call us for a positive and reliable HDD to SSD upgrade experience!

Printers and Scanners

We will be happy to setup and connect your peripheral devices like printers and scanners. We'll ensure that they are setup in a way that is right for your home or office environment.

Many people want to share printers and scanners with others in the home or office but go about it such that it causes reliability issues or the devices just don't work right.

If you are experiencing issues with your printers, scanners or other devices, give us a call!