Server & Network Support

Are you in need of Windows Server or Network Support?

We can help!

We have years of experience in large and small environments. We can help create a stable platform to grow or stabilize an existing configuration so your Windows Servers and networks will work trouble free.

Windows Server Hardware Support

We can help you with all your Windows Server needs, from installing a new server, upgrading an existing server, replacing/migrating to a new server.

Windows Server System Support

Our problem solving capabilities, reconfiguration expertise and update management skills can resolve any problems you are experiencing and restore your server environment back to trouble free operation.

Microsoft has ended support for Windows Server 2003 and will be ending support for Windows Server 2008R2 January 14, 2020. We can migrate you to windows 2012/2016 with minimal impact to your company's operation.

We also offer Remote Support for performing system updates, configuration changes and other disruptive maintenance after hours.

Networking Support

You just want it to work. You want to print and file share. You want your emails to send and you want to scan documents.

THAT IS WHAT WE DO! We make it work!

For any device to communicate to or from another, the network (hardwired or wireless) needs to function flawlessly. When it isn't working flawlessly, it is unproductive, frustrating, time consuming and could cost you sales.

Call us and we will evaluate your network, isolate the issue(s), recommend a course of action for you to approve and perform the needed work.

Have You Out Grown Your Network?

We have seen a lot of companies add computers, mobile devices, printers and other devices they need but neglect to give much, if any, consideration to the "backbone that carries all the weight" which is the network.

If your company is "feeling" the affects of an overloaded or misconfigured network, call us and we'll come on over and give your network a health check up!

Server & Network Room Maintenance

Do you have a hard time finding the other end of an ethernet wire? Do you have cables strung across each other making a nice crocheted scarf? If you do, you know that you cringe every time you go into the server room.

Let us clean up the mess! We have managed very large data centers with thousands of connections and very small "corner of the room" server rooms with only a few connections. We take the same approach to both, keep it simple, keep it clean.

We have worked with many FTE administrators to assist them in their network clean up. During the process, we teach them the "hows and the whys." Once it is cleaned up, it is easy to keep clean!