Integration Support

Integration Support

You have done the due diligence, checked the boxes and even selected an implementation partner. Then you discovered that there is a LOT of extra work you didn't expect. You're looking at your implementation partner's scope of work document and there are no line items for all that extra work. You soon realize that if you add the work to their list, you will go over the budget. Chances are your implementation partner may not have planned for the extra/overlooked work and have not allocated the extra resources needed.

We Can Help!

We have a lot of "fill-the-gap" experience from installing/configuration workstation apps, data gathering, data import/export, data reformatting, creating utility apps and much more.

Data Gathering

We have years of experiences gathering data from all kinds of sources and getting it into the defined format needed for import into another system. We have worked with many data sources such as MS Access, Fox Pro, MS Excel, SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, NoSql, Text files and, well, you get the picture.

Just provide the data source and target definitions and let us do the work. We can reformat the data, break the table into multiple tables tied together with unique keys and perform data validation on defined fields.

Business Experienced

We understand business, not just the technical side, but also "what makes them tick." We have worked with single owner businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Large companies have automated a lot of the business logic and have spent a great deal of time and money making what they have work for their needs, however those implementation may not integrate with all business touch points. There are always gaps to be filled, whether it is data movement, support, software/hardware upgrades; gaps seem to present themselves in every implementation. Due to our exposure to many business sectors, we learn quick, understand many business models and that gives us the experience to help "fill the gaps."

Small Business Friendly

All business are unique in one way or another and can't be treated the same, especially small business to their unique presence. We can work with you and your implementation partner to help make the process smoother, for both you and your implementation partner.

Staying in Budget

We also understand that no matter what the size of the company is, they have a budget and need to stay within that budget. We will work to maximize your budget dollars and help keep within your implementation time frame.

Contact us and let us know how we can help you!