Tech Support & Staff Augmentation

Do You Need Someone to Call for Support or
Do You Need Temporary Full/Part Time Help?

We Can Help!

If you need full or part time help in almost any technical area such as tech support, help desk, workstation, server, network or even data entry, we can help!

Technical Support

Everyone needs help at some point, the question is where you go to get that help. We can be that technical support team for you, on-site or just a phone call away, we can help.

We can provide remote technical support via remote technical support software which allows the expert technician to view and control the user's desktop to troubleshoot and fix OS and application issues without having to come to your site.

Temporary Full/Part Time Tech Support

If you don't want the overhead or hassle of finding and hiring an employee, we can provide a qualified person on-site based on your needs and schedule.

We can also perform periodic work on your systems after hours or during the weekend as directed by you and your needs.

Help-Desk Staff Augmentation

Are you rolling out new processes or new software? We can augment your IT project with on-site temporary help-desks personal to be readily available to answer any questions you may have.